First Blog Post and I’ve been fretting what to post!?!

So I’ve been pondering on what to write for my first blog post, overthinking it honestly! But I have finally come to the realization that everything I would like to post about on this very first post would be overkill. Yeeeah, No! Definitely don’t want to lose any readers before I even get started.

Anywho, I want to inspire and enlighten minds, and hopefully impact some lives along the way in whatever it is I have to post. Even if that means posting my awkward moments (definitely lots of those!), the inner workings of my mentality, quoting other people, or responding to anyone who happens to come across a post and hopefully leaves me a tidbit. I would more than appreciate getting any sort of feedback on whatever I post, and I will try my hardest to comment back!

I’m also going to try to make daily posts, I feel like this is a better route to post what I want to rather than post my personal thoughts/feelings on facebook. No offense to facebook, it’s just I’d much rather have a more intimate audience in a sense.

Also not having what I want to say overlooked in a newsfeed, plus whoever is coming here actually wants to know what I have to blog about.

 Anyway darlings, I hope that I will enthrall and capture your hearts, minds and souls! ❤


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